Where to travel this fall

September 5, 2015

It’s about that time of the year when leaves start to turn in tens of different color shades, when mornings and evenings come with a dose of coolness, and the scent of autumn starts to spread around reminding us that soon enough jackets and scarfs will take over our favorite summer attires. The short days are just around the corner, and we can already feel the melancholy of autumnal fragrance. Mornings are foggy and evenings are chilly, but we shouldn’t forget that fall is also the season of romance, cups of hot chocolate,  books, and beautiful foliage. Besides, the harvest season is a great time to pay a visit to that city/country/park you were thinking of but never did. Chances are that you will get some good deals on prices plus smaller crowds and moderate temperatures. If you are thinking of vacationing this fall but didn’t decide yet where, here I listed few destinations that hopefully will inspire your next trip.

Grand Canyon


A distinguish landmark of the United States, Grand Canyon is a natural wonder that has no equal. Whether you going for a day or a week , the canyon has plenty of ways to make your stay  amazing. Here you can find more info about organizing your trip to Arizona’s most famous destination.

Las Vegas

Like an oasis in the desert Las Vegas brings a lot of joy to its visitors. From casinos to Cabaret Shows, luxuries parties to authentic restaurants and amazing hotels this city has it all to make your vacation  memorable. And as they say “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”  here  you can explore more about the city and its offers.


This city has my heart. No matter which season is, every time I go there, I feel home. There is so much to do, see, and explore in Chicago that if you decide to visit be ready to have long days… and nights.  Choose Chicago   is a nice website which can help planning your getaway.


Whether  you decide to visit Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, Namur, or Dinant you will not be disappointed. Belgium is indeed a small country, but its culture is rich, the food is delicious, and the chocolate is amazing. In case you thinking of Belgium as your next escapade, here is a website that can be helpful.


France …well I don’t even have to say much to convince you to visit this amazing country. Dotted with medieval castles, museums, and historical cities this country is a cultural bomb, if  I can call it this way. So yes, if you are into culture, history, wine, and cheese this is where you want to go this fall 🙂   Here you can find some useful info about where to go and what to do in France.


Peru is an astonishing country with a remarkable culture and history. Over the hundreds of  years its natural diversity and ancient ruins didn’t stop luring people from across of the world. This destination is one of those places that will leave its mark in your soul for life. How to plan your trip to Peru here.

What are your favorite fall destinations to visit ? Let us know in the comment section below 🙂




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