Unforgetable Munnar with Kalypso

May 5, 2017

Munnar is the place where you, without a doubt, would be happy to get lost. This sums up all my feelings, thoughts, and memories about our hike through the endless sea of green tea in the Western Ghats mountains.

As any good day, that day started early. Once outside the tent, the refreshing mountain air-filled up my lungs waking me up in an instant. Next, I headed to grab my coffee while the sunshine was gently kissing my skin, and I thought to myself, what a happiness to have the privilege to wake up in a place like this.

After breakfast, and some interactive games with  Kalypso Adventures team, we were ready to rock the mountain and get to the top of it. At first there was nothing exceptional, just a road leading us up the hill. But, with every next step we took, breathtaking views were just coming up in front of our eyes.

After mingling through the hills for a while, and when our legs just became heavier than ever, we could see that we are approaching the mountain’s top. The heights unveiled such beautiful landscapes which are beyond description.The moment I looked around me, every sweat-drop was rewarded at once. The feeling of freedom and deep satisfaction was floating in the air. How can I describe how you feel when standing on the edge of the mountain and you wish you could fly? When you try to breathe as deeply as you can in hopes to inhale as much of that freshness as you can? Honestly, you need to experience it yourself to feel the magic of this place.

Shortly, we were on the trek again, and the gasps of awe didn’t let themselves waited for too long.

As far as you could see, and beyond, the earth was covered with a fresh green layer of tea creating a boundless illusion.

And here is another picture in the tea field, just because I couldn’t have enough of this gorgeous piece of heaven. There, in the middle of the green sea is easier than ever to find your peace and to reconnect with yourself.

Munnar tea fields are like a little paradise on earth. This is the kind of place where you could wander for days and not get overdosed from the striking landscapes. In the end, a big shout out to our KeralaBlogExpress2017 members, and Kalypso Adventures Campground team for making this experience amazing.

See you soon, 
Victoria V.

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