Alleppey Backwaters: Thoughts from a houseboat

April 19, 2017


Photo Courtesy: Jinson Abraham 

What are you looking for when you go on vacation?

I look to disconnect with my daily life, and connect as much as possible with the new place. I look to plunge into the local culture and try to understand their values and traditions.

The houseboat experience at Alleppey Backwaters in Kerala wasn’t only a relaxing one, but a great way to get a glance into daily life of locals. As our slowly rocking boat carried on, we could see people going on with their lives and common activities.

As we passed near by, some of them lifted their heads up and looked at us, some of them didn’t mind the boat at all. After all, these houseboats are not a novelty for people who live on the banks of the river, so they went on with their daily tasks.


Women doing their laundry on the stairs that dive straight in the river. Men building on a new boat. Some kids swimming and cheering, while others waiting for the boat-bus to take them home from school. All these scenes are nothing else than little windows which let us see how life unfolds at Alleppey Backwaters in Kerala.

These are just few of the sequences we got to see while floating the river on the houseboat. But above all, I could feel the balance between people and their surroundings, I could feel the connection with something that was there way longer than us, the nature.


As our boat man leaded us deeper into the beauty of Kerala, I was torn between the idea of  being in a real place or a fairyland. Green palms as far as the eyes can see were lined up on both banks of the river. The sun shined high in the sky spreading its light and reflecting its sunshine on the calm waters of the river creating a magical atmosphere that made me feel like I found my paradise.


The warm wind touching my skin, acted as a small reminder that it’s all real. There was harmony all around. Nothing was off the scenery, even the boat’s eco design fits perfectly into this fascinating picture.  You could feel how the peaceful atmosphere was slowly, slowly getting into your veins fulfilling your being with a sentiment of gratitude and freedom.

The day came to an end vanishing all our hopes that time can be stopped, but reminded us to contemplate every minute we have. The night’s foreteller was the hiding sun behind the palms and hills. From all sunsets I’ve ever witnessed,  this one was one of the most remarkable ones. Watching the sun going down the sky and reflecting a rainbow of colors over the waters, was a heavenly moment.

I tried to capture it on pictures helplessly knowing that it is impossible to catch such a beauty in a frame, but yet I tried.

One night on a houseboat was not enough to see everything, but was enough to fall for the Kerala Backwaters. And yes, I would go back in a heartbeat, no doubt.

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See you soon, 
Victoria V. 




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