The end of the Road

August 21, 2015


What do you think about short getaway trips? Feel free to share with us your getaway ideas or experiences.

It is not a secret that time to time we all need to elude from our daily chores and free our mind from worries to stay sane. Vacations are known as one of the best sources of relaxation, but unfortunately in life it is not always that easy to get a nice holiday every time we feel tense. What to do then ? Believe it or not, whether is a weekend on the beach or a day in the country side, a short getaway trip can help recharging your energy for weeks. The good thing about getaways is that they don’t need long planning ahead, and a weekend has more than enough time to organize one. I love mini-trips because not only they help escape the daily routine, but also they are a great source of happiness and information. My last escapade was a one day trip to the city nicknamed “the end of the road”, also known as the “Halibut Fishing Capital of the World”. The official name is Homer City and it’s on the southwest side of Kenai Peninsula, Alaska.

Here is how the trip looked like :

First, we’ve stopped at Pullout point and admired the exceptional view over Homer Spit. The landscape was so charming that is hardly possible to describe it in words. All I can say is that the ocean, forest, and mountains worked together to design an amazing natural piece of art.

 What do you think about the storefront of this Cafe Cups Restaurant ? I find it adorable. It makes me think that the Teacup Fairy lives in there 🙂 We spotted this place while driving around Homer.

Next, we’ve stopped at Bear Creek Winery and Lodging, a country winery in Homer, to taste their wine, which is made from fruits and grape fruits blend. They grow and pick their own berries from which they process a pretty large choice of wines.  The beverage has an unusual taste, original I would say. At the end, only after we had chosen a bottle of wine for our home collection, we felt free to explore the surroundings of the winery. Below I attached some pictures to help you create a visual image of the place.

 After the wine tasting, it felt just right to have some dinner 🙂 Homer has very nice restaurants situated along the beach. If you long for a dinner place with an ocean view, plus an amazing sunset, this is the right place to go. Our choice was Captain Pattie’s Fish House based on an acquaintance’s  recommendation.

N.B. No matter where you decide to have your getaway trip, make sure to take with you a dose of good mood, good company, a bit of curiosity, a big smile, and a camera. Don’t forget to take pictures so you can remember all the great moments  you will have til your next escapade.

I wish you all a great weekend and see you soon,


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