Sunset cruise with Bekal Ripples in Kerala

May 25, 2017



When we thought  we’ve seen it all, KeralaBlogexpress had another surprise for us. On one of our last days in the land of coconuts, Kerala Tourism took us on an afternoon cruise with Bekal Ripples. We got to spend a couple of amazing hours cruising on the river,  which remained to be one of the most relaxing experiences we had during our two weeks trip.

The cruise lasted few hours during which we got to admire one more time the serenity of this land. Embarked on a houseboat we were ready to be astonished, yet again, by the Keralian landscapes.

One more time, we were delighted by the beautiful swaying palms on the banks of the river. The warm wind was gently running through our boat taking along with him the minutes and leaving behind just our dusted memories.

The bonus of this ride was the sunset that we got to witness from the sailing houseboat. The Keralian sunset has something special. Maybe is the tropical vibe of the palm trees, or the silence around, or maybe even the air, that leaves you in a total awe. The sunset colors are deep, the reflections on the water are clear, and the scenes where the sun is peeking through the palm branches are unforgettable.

Overall, this was one of the best moments I had in Kerala.  An evening saturated with genuine happiness in the company of strangers who became friends in a matter of days. That day we were on the top of the world, and happier that ever because we were living the moment.

See you soon, 
Victoria V.




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