August 13, 2015

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Discovering Peru



Tikonata Temple

“To travel is to awaken”

– Lily Tsay

Peru, the host of the ancient Inca civilization, is an amazing South-American country, which has a lot to offer to its tourists. From small islands to huge mountains, the country is fulfilled with history and culture. This is a perfect destination for people who love trekking, spending time outdoors, and active vacations. Although our main site to visit was Machu Picchu, we started our trip in Cusco, the historic capital of Inca Empire. Being under multiple influences, mainly Inca and Spaniards, the city developed its unique cultural and architectural style. This is very well shown in Cusco Cathedral, built on the foundation of an Inca temple, where  during its construction the locals incorporated some of their own religious symbolism into the Cathedral. This is considered to be the first Christian church built in Cusco. During the visit it is always a good idea to hire a local guide who will tell you interesting details and stories about the building. Another place to visit is  The Sacred Valley. There you can  see the notable Pisac Town (Inca Ruins), which is larger than Machu Picchu and has  some impressive  agricultural terraces used by Incas to grow corn and potatoes. Another place to stop at are  Salineras de Maras, where you can see salt evaporation ponds that are in use since Inca times. Besides trekking and all sightseeing, I enjoyed walking around handicraft markets where locals were selling their confections. After visiting the Machu Picchu citadel  we headed to Ticonata Island, one of the most peaceful places I ever been. It is true that the road there was an adventure. We had to take the plane to Puno then a cab to Capachica, where a local drove us on his moto-taxi to the harbor, where finally a boat was waiting for us to cross the lake and take us to the island. I have to mention that we didn’t really share a lot of stories with the islands’ inhabitants, given the only language they spoke was Quechua. Their Spanish level was probably not better than mine, and I literally know about a dozen words. However, we had an amazing time during our stay there. Our vacation ended with a sejour in Lima where we enjoyed good food and Peruvian Folk Dancing Performance in a local restaurant.

There is so much more that I would like to tell you about this experience, but I am afraid  this post will be endless. Instead, I am sharing some of my travel pictures and hopefully that will give you a better insight about traveling in Peru. 

N.B. If you plan to visit Peru and would like to experience the Machu Picchu Inca trail 4 days trek, make sure to book it at least 6 months in advance. Our trip wasn’t plan so long ahead and we ended up with Huchuy Qosco trail one day trek, which was quite good for us taking in consideration the number of vacation days we had.  


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