Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala

April 26, 2017
morning reserve
In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks
John Muir.

Waking up early morning is not an easy task, especially when your pillow is calling you sweet times. This was the case for the morning when we had to visit The Periyar Tiger Reserve, or Tiger National Park. Early morning we left the hotel room at Spice Village Resort Thekkady, where we stayed for the night, to take the boat cruise through the rich fauna and flora of the Periyar National Park. This is one of the 48 tiger reserves in India, but it’s a valuable reserve for elephants and other mammals as well.

When we arrived at the destination, a thick white cloud of fog was suspending over the lake, mountains, and trees. The murk was adding a sort of mystery to the place creating an atmosphere of a surreal environment. The crisp, cold air was stinging my cheeks and filling my lungs with freshness, as I was looking how other boats are  getting lost in the mistiness.

Soon, we were on the boat sailing away from the shores, slicing the thick air, and inspiring with awe the beauty of the landscapes that were stretching in front of our eyes. We were actively looking to see tigers, or elephants, and Manoj, our irreplaceable keralablogexpress member, was pointing and announcing ” wild boars on the left side, guys, on the left side, or otters.. otters on the banks..look look.”

tiger reserve

Well, we didn’t see any other animals, but as the sun started to pierce the thick fog and spread its sunshine, we were delighted with bewildering scenery and a live show  of colors organized by the unison of light, water, and all the elements of nature.


Once again, Kerala managed to surprise us with its spectacular natural scenery and serene spirit. Just to make things better than they already were, we stopped at Lake Palace to enjoy a coffee with some local delicacies.

Imagine a place in the middle of wilderness, surrounded by calm waters, where no city noise can reach, where animals start to show themselves around sunset time, where the harmony and balance dominates. A place where you can hear only the sing of the birds, the voice of the wind, and the music of the earth. Would you fall in love with that place? I know I did!


See you soon, 
Victoria V. 

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