Kerala: Land of Coconuts

April 9, 2017

Photo Courtesy: Kerala Blog Express

I guess the Keralian version of saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” would sound more like “a coconut a day keeps the thirst away.” In the moments when I thought I can’t take the heat anymore, there was always a coconut around the corner to appease my thirst and boost my energy.  Trust me, during days when the temperature and humidity are skyrocketing, this fruit can be a lifesaver.

Kerala is known as one of the largest producers of coconuts in India, and is rightfully called the land of coconuts. Actually, in translation from Malayalam, the local language, Kerala literally means “land of coconuts”.

So, since I’ve decided to dedicate an entire post to coconuts, it is simple to imagine my joy when Keralablogexpress team organised for us a visit to a village where we got to see how natives collect and use coconuts among other local activities, but about this in another post.

Revenons a nos moutons, or back on topic, the locals can collect coconuts with the help of a stick (usually a bamboo tree) that they would use to beat the fruit down the tree, as you can see in the picture below. Since the coconut trees come in different sizes and heights, this method is useful for the shorter ones.

As for the taller ones, they have a palm climbing machine which is used to climb the tree and harvest the fruits.  Also, using a foot strap out of a strong cloth is another a way to rich the tree top.

After getting the coconuts down, they are used not only for drinking their water and enjoying their flesh, but also for cooking and industrial matters. Anyways, I am sure you know all this, so let me skip the informational preach.  Below,  you can see the process of cutting and scooping the flesh out of a coconut.

So first, you sip on the coconut water enjoying every drop of it. Then, with the help of a sickle,  the coconut is split in half.

Once the fruit is cut, you can scoop the flesh in one of the halves with an improvised wooden spatula, chopped of the skin of the coconut.

And finally, you have everything ready to let yourself savor the tasty coconut flesh that besides being delicious is also very nutritive.

I must say that once back in Paris, I miss my #almostdaily fresh coconut intake.  If you liked this post, don’t forget to show a bit of love by sharing it with someone who might enjoy it as well.


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