Postrards from Etretat Cliffs

November 9, 2016
etretat view

Hello people,

few weeks ago I had the chance to visit a small, but lovely commune in Normandy, a north-western region of France. Etretat is best known for its natural cliffs. Two out of three famous arches, Porte D’Aval and Porte D’Amonte, can be seen from the town while the biggest one Manneporte can’t.  During the low tide the cliffs are more accessible and it’s possible to walk on the beach; however, it’s imperative to check the tide times and charts in order to exclude any dangerous situations. For the beach promenade is better to wear some sturdy shoes because it can be quite challenging to walk on rocks and algae that remain behind the tide.

The beauty of this picturesque town inspired many, including Claude Monet. Along the deck there are few platforms that point out some of his notable works which are featuring the cliffs and the fishermen of Etretat of his time.

The walk on the cliffs is not less impressive than the promenade on the beach. From the heights of the cliffs we can enjoy gorgeous views of the city that is caught between the magnificent precipices, as well as admire the turquoise water that embraces the cliffs during the high tide.

I was lucky to have a sunny weather, so I could fully appreciate the walk. Even though it is not a long hike, some parts are quite steep. However, both cliffs are worth the effort to hike them as they reveal amazing landscapes, and once you are on the top I promise you can’t regret it. The sea, the sky, the cliffs, and the sound of the waves crushing into the tall rock face form a perfect orchestra showing one more time that the most talented artist is our mother earth.

Here below, I share some of the delightful panoramas that I captured on camera for you. Now, I let you enjoy the views.

Till next time, 

Victoria V. 

P.S. If you find yourself in Etretat hiking the cliffs, make sure you take distance from the edges in order to avoid any accidents.

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