A second look at HOPE. Palmer Creek!

October 6, 2015
Palmer Creek

As  promised in the previous post , today I will write about the second part of our road trip to Hope. Driving further into the mountains, leaving behind the Town of Hope, led us to Palmer Creek Road. As the road climbs up it opens alpine forest views and mountains with snow-covered tops. The air becomes crystal fresh and the eyes are busy analyzing the immense landscapes which lay in front of them. Moving forward, the road starts to narrow and after reaching the Coeur D’Alene Campground the road transitions to a route good for walking or biking while admiring the surroundings. At the end of the road there are still ruins of Swetmann and Hirshey gold mines, which originated in early 20th century. The Creek is a nice place for hikers who are ready to climb up the higher slopes for some exclusive panoramas. The area is known for its complex wildlife which includes birds, wolves, caribou, and black bears; however, rarely seen.

Walking around for some time gave us the chance to enjoy the mountains while experiencing with camera. It is hardly possible to describe such a beauty, but when you are there one thing is certain: how small and powerless we are in front of the majesty of nature. Further I am sharing some pictures hopping that it will help you create a visual image of Palmer Creek experience.

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