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Hello dear friends, I am blogging for a while now, and it warms my heart seeing you reading my posts. I can not express enough my gratitude to you and the happiness you bring to me. Also,…

February 26, 2017

2016 Travel Summary

Hello friends, Feels like yesterday the internet was roaring with Holidays wishes and New Year resolution lists, and here we are today in the middle of February 2017. Honestly, I stopped writing lists of things “to do”…

February 13, 2017

Chena Hot Springs and Northern Lights

This post it is a throw back to one of my trips while living in Alaska. It’s no secret that I’m fascinated by this state and that every time I hear someone mentioning it…

January 19, 2017
rainy day

Rainy days

Hello, Hello Darlings! It’s been a while since I’ve written the last post, and finally today I have a bit of spare time to write a quick update. As you might know already, I…

August 18, 2016
Style Travel

Adieu Anchorage, Adieu Alaska

I can’t believe that it has been already a year since I first stepped foot on Alaska’s soil. I still remember how it felt to move away from New Orleans to the other side…

July 20, 2016

Exit Glacier Ice Climbing Adventure

As promised few days ago, here comes the post about our latest adventure: ice climbing. The exit glacier is in Seward, a small touristic town about 2.5 hrs driving south from Anchorage, Alaska. Seward…

July 16, 2016
nine west wedges
LifeStyle Style

Midnight Picnic

Hello Darlings! Everybody seem to know that winter days in Alaska are short and cold, but how many of you are aware of how long are Alaskan summer days? Well, the further north you go…

July 11, 2016

On the shores of Lake Hood

Lake Hood and Spenard Lake are part of the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Complex. Also, it serves as runway for the float-planes. The lake is the largest and most jammed seaplane base in…

July 6, 2016

Weekend in the Bears’ Backyard

As said in one of my previous posts, the summer has come to Alaska and is asking everyone out to enjoy and explore its outdoor activities. On the 8th of July we have booked…

June 30, 2016

Weekend in the land of waterfalls

Most of the time the place where we live influences our lifestyle, and I learned that from my experience while moving across the continents. As I mentioned in other posts,  Alaska is a very…

June 3, 2016