On the shores of Lake Hood

July 6, 2016

Lake Hood and Spenard Lake are part of the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Complex. Also, it serves as runway for the float-planes. The lake is the largest and most jammed seaplane base in the world. From here, people can charter flights to see the untamed wilderness of Alaska, to fly to fishing lodges, and overall seek for great adventures. We were biking the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail when I first learned about Lake Hood in Anchorage. The trail has an alternative return path that passes along the lake’s shores, and it continues through the base where the colorful float-planes are parked. It looks like they are waiting quietly for their turn to cut the sky. What caught my attention was not only the scenic views, but also the numerous seaplanes. They were taking off and landing from and on the surface of the lake. I was amazed by the aeroboats that were flying just several feet above our heads, or at least that’s how it looked like. Then I decided that I will go back there before our departure from Anchorage, so I did.

lake hood

Even though it was not our first meeting, Lake Hood didn’t take long to amaze me again. It was a beautiful sunny day. The float-planes were all over the sky while some of them were gliding on the choppy lake’s surface. And looking at this amazing scenery around I suddenly thought of  how much I will miss this breathtaking beauty of nature, as well as this country’s adventurous character.


Because of the high frequency of flights it is unsafe to swim in the lake; therefore, the law forbids people to swim. However, the park along the lake is a perfect place for a picnic. You can enjoy it while watching the airboats taking off or landing on the lake. Trust me, it is a view you will enjoy!


And since it was such a beautiful day, why not dress up a bit, right? Sometimes I feel like we wait to long for those special occasions to put on a beautiful dress and rock some high hills, so I decided that the occasion was now 🙂



And by the way, for those who did not plan a picnic, the Lakefront Hotel has a patio that overlooks the lake. There you can enjoy a coffee with a tasty dessert, or an Alaskan meal with a glass of wine while gazing towards the panoramic views of the lake.

LakeIsn’t this a great way to end your day? You could sit there and wait for a sunset that would show you a series of neon red and fire-like hues. Of course, as any good sunset does. However, keep in mind that summer days in Anchorage are long and sunsets are close to midnight 🙂

See you soon,  Victoria                                                                                             Photo Credit: Jared Long

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