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Postcards from the Royal Chateau Versailles

September 15, 2016
chateau de Versailles

First time I have ever heard about Chateau de Versailles was during my french lessons in primary school back in Moldova, which is widely a francophone country.  The descriptions and pictures in the book captured my imagination so much, that then I decided for myself I will absolutely visit the castle when I will grow up. So the time has passed, and few years ago I visited the Royal Castle for the first time; however, it was December and I missed out its magical gardens. That is when I made another promise to myself, namely that one day I will absolutely come back to revisit the Chateau and to enjoy its famous gardens. Since then nearly 5 years have passed and I am happily announcing that my wish not only became true but also it has realized in one of the most unexpected ways. Among my travels in the United States, I met and married a french man who happened to be from a place near Versailles. So here I am now, in France, writing to you about one of my favorite places: Chateau de Versailles and its Gardens.chateau versaillesChateau de Versailles is a royal castle in the city of Versailles, France. Its history starts with Louis XIV, also known as Roi-Soleil, when he decided to transform a modest establishment used for hunting (built by Louis XIII) into what we know today as a symbol of royalty and luxury. Today the castle is part of the World Heritage of Humanity, and it’s visited daily by numerous tourists who are interested in art, history, architecture, and royal stories.

chateau de VersaillesIts grandeur is capable to fascinate everyone who walks its doorsteps. Extremely high ceilings, large doors painted in gold, luxurious furniture covered with some of the finest tissue, and vast hallways exhibit the richness of the castle, and give a glimpse of what once was a royal residence.
mirror hall_

One of the most impressive rooms in Chateau Versailles is the Hall of Mirrors. Not only the architecture and decoration of the hall and its ceiling is imposing admiration, but also the breathtaking views of Versailles Gardens that can be enjoyed through the 17 glass doors of this central gallery. Also, it is worth mentioning that in the 17th century mirrors were among the most expensive items to posses, and the Hall of Mirrors has a total of 357 mirrors.mirror hall versaille_

In average, two hours should be enough to visit the castle; however, the gardens can take much more than that. Weekends and Tuesdays, when they offer a musical water show, the gardens are more crowded, but by being so immense there is no real inconvenience because of that.

Jardins de VersaillesI felt in love with this place even more that I was before. If you have the chance to spend few days discovering the gardens don’t hesitate to do it. When the gardens are closed go for a picnic in the park of Versailles, you will love it. Moreover, there is a big side of the park which entrance is free of charge.jadrin de versaille Versailles Grand Canal gardens of Versailles gourgeous versaille

jardin de versaille_

temple d'amour_ versaille bosquettesQueen Marie Antoinette’s  Hamlet is a “must visit” as well. This side of Versailles features a rustic character where the queen used to escape her responsibilities at the palace. The Hamlet was her private domain, and no one could enter it without her permission. Marie Antoinette hameau Versailles

grand canal versailles

After a long day walking in the gardens of one of the most impressive palaces in the world, allow yourself to relax by taking a boat on the Grand Canal Versailles. From there you can have a last look at the royal domain and weave images about the grand promenades of Queens and Kings and their companions.

Victoria V. 

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  • Yasmine Davis September 15, 2016 at 12:25 pm

    Looks beautiful!

    • Victoria September 15, 2016 at 1:09 pm

      It is an amazing place! Thank you for stopping by.

  • Elizabeth September 15, 2016 at 11:24 pm

    I would love to visit! I was just thinking about it today. Do they have a tour in English?

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