Palais Royal and Red Vibes

September 21, 2016

Bonjour darlings,

it has been two months since I am back in Europe, but it feels like I arrived yesterday. After spending 10 days in Moldova, I am back in France. As promised in a previous post, I am about to share with you impressions about the places I was able to see. Recently I have visited Palais Royal which faces the notorious Musee du Louvre. As on that weekend Paris was celebrating the European Heritage Days, the queue was enormous, and I hesitated to visit the interior of the palace. However,only the court itself is worth the mention because it exhibits an establishment with an imposing architecture, tall windows, gorgeous facades, and arcades. When we just entered the court, I looked around and stopped my gaze on the windows, and I left my mind wonder. Why? Because behind doors and windows are looked all kind of secrets that are hidden under the dust of time, and a building with such history as Palais Royal certainly has its tales. While the walls are sort of guardians, windows are the eyes of the building that often see more than show.palace royal

Palais Royal, originally called Palais-Cardinal, was once the place where all the french crème de la crème was gathering to dance the nights away and enjoy the royal company. Famous for its nobles gatherings, and for possessing what at the time was the most beautiful garden in Paris, Palais Royal remains one of the symbols of richness and royalty in France.

red dress

For the trip I decided to wear this body-con dress which I paired it with a  black leather jacket in order to create a more casual day-look. If you don’t know yet, red is one of my favorite colors and I am happy to wear it every time I have the opportunity. Especially, I like to rock it on overcast days because it adds a bit of color and character to my day.columns style

Also,  I appreciate an outfit that can easily be taken from day-to-night, and this dress is perfect for such transformation. When I am choosing it for an evening event, usually I wear it with a pair of nude heels and I opt for a clutch bag. Most of the time this is enough to metamorphose the entire look and to give it an elegant appeal.

palace royal

That is all I have for you today, but I promise to be back soon with updates. What about you? How is your autumn mood going on ?

Cheers. See you later,
Victoria V.


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