Irresistible Me Diamond {Flat Iron Review}

September 24, 2016
irresistible me

Hello fellows,

How is your September going? Today I have something special to share with you, and I hope it will be of use to you. Not so long ago, someone from Irresistible Me team approached me with an offer to test one of their hair styling tools or clip-in hair extensions. I must say that I haven’t heard about them before, so I went on their website and social media to check them out. Looking through their online platforms I’ve decided to give a try to their Irresistible Me Ceramic Hair StraightenerWhen the product arrived the first thing that caught my attention was the neat package. I certainly didn’t expect that, so I was pleasantly surprised. flat ironAlso, as you might know, red is my favorite color and this tourmaline flat iron gained one point just for having the right shade 😀 ceramic flat ironWhen I opened the pack, I found a well wrapped product along with an explicit instruction. In addition, the features and parts of the iron are displayed on the inside part of the box. Keep scrolling to read my thoughts on using this iron, which are based solely on my experience.  red flat ironThe tourmaline flat iron is extremely light weighted and is tiny in size, which makes it a perfect hair styling tool to travel with. Also, I want to mention that the voltage of the flat-iron is dual. That means the iron automatically adjusts to the supplied voltage of the country you are in. The only inconvenience you might encounter is the need to purchase an adapter if you live or travel in Europe. The Irresistible Me Diamond straightener has an American-style plug (two flat prongs). As I live in France at the moment, I use an adapter every time I want to style my hair. All I can say is that it works very well.

On the picture above, notice the temperature is displayed in Celsius. The conversion from Fahrenheit display mode to Celsius mode is also automatic, depending on the supplied voltage. The tool’s cord has 2.5 m and it rotates 360 degrees, which facilitates the usage of the iron. Also, its buttons are on the inside part of the iron which assures that you will not switch off, or change the temperature of the gadget by accident while arranging your hair.irresistible me flat ironI was surprised how fast this styling iron heats up and how little time I need to achieve my desired result.  Ohh ..I  almost forgot to tell you that the device has an auto shut off.  How cool is that? Finally, I can avoid the part when I am worrying whether I unplugged it or not before leaving the house. tourmaline flat iron

So, long story short, I am ABSOLUTELY satisfied with this iron and the way my hair looks like after. For some time now, I was thinking to get a short haircut. However, now I am really hesitant since I can style it so easily with my new hair-styling tool 😀

Welcome good hair day everyday!

Victoria V.


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  • Singulier Féminin September 26, 2016 at 12:10 am

    Nice post !! I have written a post about this flat iron Irresistible me too, I love it !


    • Victoria September 26, 2016 at 12:51 am

      Thank you? yes, it is a great one.