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Where is Hope? Part One

September 24, 2015
where is hope

       Where is HOPE ? Good question! And the answer is not at the bottom of Pandora’s Box, although that might be true as well. Until two weeks ago I have never heard about HOPE. Joining the Kenai Peninsula Photographer’s Guild Club (by the way, you can use this website to find some interesting activities, meet ups, clubs in your area) helped me to meet some great people, to create and share new memories, and have a good time. Last Saturday, with some members of the club, we went on an organized one day road trip to the Town of Hope. I will mention that the road itself to the destination was only “Ohh’s and Ahh’s.” Colors of fall reflected in the still lake waters and mountains covered with a kaleidoscopic cloak  have entertained my sight all the way to Hope. I am so glad that we could stop to take pictures, so I can share it with you fellow readers. Pictures will come in a second, but first let me tell you what I found out while on this trip, and hopefully you will find it interesting.

  • Hope City is 88 miles away from Anchorage and 104 miles from Kenai, but it is surprisingly quiet
  • The town is mainly a weekend destination for Alaskan people, as well as a campground zone
  • The last census counted less than 200 residents and a total area of 51.8 square miles (134 km2) (according to Kenai Peninsula Borough and United States Census Bureau, Wikipedia)
  • Hope City used to be a mining camp in the gold rush era (1896-1898) 
  • The Social Hall  building dates from 1902 
  • You can pan for gold and visit the Sunrise Mining Museum. More info about Hope here.

    When we arrived in town, people were frolicking in the area. Some of them had just arrived and were settling their tents, others were sitting around bone fires spreading  laughter and the smell of burning wood. The sun was shining, the air was as fresh as the morning dew is, and everything was so balanced. We spent there probably an average of 45 minutes taking pictures and walking around. After that  we headed to Palmer Creek about which I will tell you (and show) in the second part of this post, so don’t miss it. 🙂 Till then, I invite you to take a look at the historical Town of Hope. Scroll down the page to see for yourself how Hope looks like.

With all this being said, I am wishing you a good end of the week and don’t hesitate to escape somewhere this weekend. Also if you have any questions or suggestions don’t be shy to Contact me here or message me on Facebook, I will be more that happy to chit chat with you.

Till next time,



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