Versailles Food Market

January 10, 2017

Talking about France without mentioning the food culture it is almost impossible. It is not a flash news that France has one of the most yummy cuisines around the world, and its traditional recipes have made the tour of the world ending up being cooked and served in almost every country. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise the fact that France has some of the most exquisite food markets. The rumor has it that if you want to learn about the country’s authentic culture then you should visit their local markets. Since I am in France, I have had stumbled on few food markets and all of them were offering fresh fruits and veggies, local production, and tasty food, and I can only confirm that food is an important element here.  In order to give you an idea of what a french market looks like I visited the local market in Versailles and snapped few pictures to share.


The food market in Versailles is a true jam that offers to its buyers not only fresh goodies, but also artisan objects and clothing articles. Several days a week the market welcomes its buyers, and passersby to discover its merchandise. Also, the market type varies depending on the week day and the schedule is updated online. The origins of this market goes back to the times of Louis XIV reign, when he decided that a local market should be held in the city. The market stalls that were present during its time were replaced in 1841 by a covered market which is present until today.

Today, the market offers fresh and organic vegetables and fruits for each taste. A share fair of dry fruits and nuts can be purchased there as well. Also, being situated about 30 minutes away from Paris, prices at which the food can be bought in the market from Versailles often are more advantageous than in the capital.

Where you craving for some mushrooms? No worries, the food market has you covered 🙂


What about some savory marinated olives mixed with other flavorful ingredients that will be a compliment to any salad on your table? No problem, there are plenty and the vendors will even let you taste before buying.


Of course, there is no chance for you not to find the famous and controversial “foie gras” in a french food market.

Scallops and other sea food delicacies are available in the covered part of the food market, that consist from four large halls which represent the angles of a square. Each hall features a variety of products that are categorized by food group. For instance, one of the halls offers a great choice of artisan Italian pasta and raviolis that are as tasty as it can get, and the advantage is that the pasta is not pre-packet so you can buy just as much as you wish.


And what french market without cheese? I was galvanized by the amount and variety of cheese that exists here. I mean seriously, even if you google “big piece of cheese” you will not get anything close to this half a meter height piece of cheese. I tried!

And when I am saying that there is a LOT of types and shapes and sizes of cheese I mean it. Of course, by now I think you guessed which stand has the longest queue 🙂

At the end of your groceries, you can also delight yourself with a pretty bouquet of flowers which you can choose from a colorful selection of mixed bouquets that where hand created by local vendors.

I hope you enjoyed this article and don’t hesitate to share in comments how are the local food markets in your area.

A bientot, 
Victoria V.

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