Strolling in Paris

March 3, 2017

Another move, another city, another job, same routine. It is amazing how quick we can get used to a new place and start to take it for granted.

Have you ever notice that when we go on vacation we even sleep less in order to manage to visit all points of interest of the location? Well, it looks like we are more efficient when we sense that our time is limited. However, the story goes the other way when we know we have the time. We keep delaying that walk in the park, that visit to the museum few blocks away, and so on. Sometimes, we have to push ourselves to make an effort to go outside and uncover our surroundings and actually be social outside any social media network.

These few past days I had an issue with my smart phone, and I ended up spending three days without being connected to a cellphone. Being like most people who can hardly imagine, or remember the avant-smartphone era, I was a bit concerned. However, very soon, I realized that I have lots of free time since I don’t spend it scrolling the Insta’s or Facebook’s news-feed. Honestly, it wasn’t bad at all 🙂

Actually, during this time I realized that even if I am living in Paris I don’t take advantage of it as I should. So, I took my camera and my husband to a walk. “La Coulee Verte”, also known as “La promenade plantee”, it’s a former abandoned railway that have been converted in a green space that crosses Paris on some 4.5 Km (2.8 miles).

The park is built on former railway tracks and has multiple access points. Also, the pathway is about 7 meters above the street level and can be reached by both stairs and elevators.

Even though the first part of the promenade is reserved for pedestrians only, the second one offers bicycle paths as well. As the parkway is constructed on an raised viaduct it exhibits views over the Parisians buildings and streets. Along the way you can admire the architecture of old buildings in combination with modern layouts.

For a short period this was the only elevated garden in the world, but not anymore 🙂

The  parkway crosses multiple green areas and it is a perfect way to discover Paris while enjoying a nice walk . Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the second half of the path because of the closing hours they have. The working hours vary depending on the season; therefore displaying shorter opening hours in winter and respectively longer ones in summer.

This green-way is an excellent spot to escape the city crowd and to enjoy a moment surrounded by greenery while still being in the city.

After the walk,  we went to celebrate the french cheese and bread in a restaurant called “Heureux comme Alexandre” meaning “Happy like Alexandre”.

Hidden on an quiet bypath, the resto has about 4 tables and his walls are decorated with ancient like mirrors and radiates a welcoming atmosphere. Their specialty is the famous Fondue (melted cheese) which is eaten by dipping the bread into it using a long fork. Yammy!!!

So yeah, keep in mind this sweet gem for when you will visit Paris 🙂

See you soon,

Victoria V.


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