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Fear and Excitement: All in one experience

August 8, 2015

Don’t overthink it, just do it 🙂

     Skydiving for the first time feels pretty much like when starting a new chapter in life. In both situations the emotions we experience are so alluring and adventurous, but in the same time spine-chilling. We dread the unknown and subconsciously we try to avoid it; however, it is good to remember that all the amazing things happen beyond the fear point.

     When the plane was about 10.000 ft altitude the idea of jumping seemed so frightening that for a microsecond I was ready to quit, yet I didn’tAfter jumping, the first two seconds in the air were all blur, but what came after was indescribable. The feeling of happiness, freedom, excitement, and bravery filled my entire being. Then I understood, I was experiencing one of those “best moments” in life. 


     If you think about trying out skydiving, you might consider a tandem jump for the first time. This method is a great way to experience the thrill of a skydive while being securely harnessed to a professional skydiver who will guide you through the whole jump from the exit through freefall and landing. Also there are some physical requirements such as weight and health conditions to consider. In order to jump a person must be at least 18 years old (to sign the USPA waiver) and weigh not more than 240 lbs. People with heart problems, uncontrolled hypertension or high blood pressure, as well as respiratory issues  should check with their doctor before doing a tandem skydiving. Other than that, statistics of USPA (United States Parachute Association) shows that the sport of skydiving  is continuously improving its safety record and there is a minimal chance of accidents.  


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